"ᩁᩁ ᩁᩁ ᩁᩁ ᨷᩢᩁᩪ᩶ᨣᩢᩁᩁ ᨷᩢᨩ᩵ᩣᨣᩢᩁᩁ" *

Alif Silpachai

Me analyzing speech sounds in September 2019. Photo by Yasin Karatay.


I am interested in pronunciation and phonetics. Within pronunciation, I want to find the most efficient way to help learners improve their pronunciation of second-language segments and prosody. My target second languages are primarily English, Mandarin, Thai, and Lao. Within phonetics, I currently investigate three relationships: 1) the effects of nontonal speakers’ ability to perceive pitch on their ability to learn tone-words (words with tones), 2) how laryngeal contrasts perturb subsequent pitch, and 3) how such perturbation is modulated by domain-initial strengthening (a phenomenon in which consonants are strongly articulated in prosodic domain-initial positions).

Current projects

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* Tai Lue for "Learn, learn, learn. If you don't know, then learn. If you're not good at it, then learn" (lit: learn learn learn NEG-know-then-learn NEG-expert-then-learn; Thai cognates: เรียน เรียน เรียน บ่รู้ก็เรียน บ่ช่างก็เรียน).